Bentley 24 Hour Roadside Assistance Houston Texas

Congratulations! As the proud owner of a New or Certified Pre-Owned Bentley vehicle, you receive complimentary coverage in the 24-Hour Bentley Roadside Assistance program. Bentley has designed a comprehensive series of emergency roadside and related services, which are available to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, anywhere in United States or Canada.


All new Bentley and Bentley Certified Pre-Owned vehicles sold in the United States and Canada are eligible for this program. Eligible coverage for all new Bentley vehicles is three (3) years from date of delivery or warranty start date, whichever comes first. Eligible coverage for all Bentley Certified Pre-Owned warranty start date and concludes on the Certified Pre-Owned warranty end date. The benefits of the Bentley roadside Assistance program also run concurrent with the beginning and ending coverage dates of the Bentley Extended Service Plans.


To obtain any of the services and/or benefits listed in this brochure, just call toll-free to reach a qualified customer service professional.

Toll Free Assistance Line, 24hours a day/ 365 days a year:


You may call this line from anywhere in the United States and Canada.


In the event you need to contact Bentley Roadside Assistance, please be prepared to provide your name, your Vehicle Identification Number (V.I.N.), the nature of your vehicle need, the location of your vehicle, including the nearest cross street if available, and your license plate number. This will assist the service provider in locating you and your vehicle.


In the event your vehicle becomes disabled, you can call the 24-Hour toll free assistance line and we will arrange to transport the vehicle to the nearest Bentley Retailer. Please Note: For security reasons, towing service will not be provided to unattended vehicles- a licensed driver must accompany the vehicle at the time of service.


A service operator will be dispatched to provide a jump start. If your vehicle cannot be driven safely. Towing services will be arranged.


If your vehicle has a flat tire, a service operator will attempt to remove it and install a spare tire. If you do not have a properly inflated spare tire or if the spare is not safely operable, towing services will be arranged.


If you happen to run out of fuel, an emergency supply of fuel will be delivered. Both the delivery service and fuel are complimentary.


If your vehicle is disabled, and the nearest authorized Bentley Retailer is closed, the vehicle will be transported to a secure location, stored overnight, and transported to the Retailer on the next business day, at no cost to you.


If your registered Bentley is disabled while traveling more than 150 from your primary residence, and requires overnight repairs, you are entitled to reimbursement up to $1000 (per disablement) for the cost of food, lodging, rental car, and/or transportation charges directly related to your vehicle disablement. This includes the cost of the coordination and transportation (via flatbed or similar carrier) to reunite you with your Bentley after any repairs have been completed.Please Note: Trip interruption is limited to reasonable expenses up to $1000 per disablement, inclusive of taxes and surcharges. This service has been designed to assist with unplanned expenses that may occur as a result of a vehicle disablement.

Trip Interruption Reimbursement Instructions:

To obtain reimbursement, please mail your original receipts to:

Bentley Roadside Assistance
One Cabot Road, 4th Floor
Medford, MA 02155
Attention: Account Manager


Call Bentley Roadside Assistance the next time you are planning a trip. Well provide you with a FREE, detailed trip routing package, including an easy-to-read computerized itinerary, and map. Thos service includes the following travel information for your trip: Your destination stops(s) in the order you prefer, providing a scenic route for your riding pleasure, or the quickest and most convenient path Which highways to use, including route numbers and type of highway (toll road, interstate, state highway, etc.) The number of miles between junctions and destinations, and a running total of miles traveled The number of miles to be traveled on each highway Projected driving time between stops and total projected driving timeThe Trip Routing System will automatically choose the quickest route between destinations if you do not request a scenic route.Please Note: Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery of this service.


The personal emergency concierge service is designed to assist you with making arrangements, at your expense, beyond the traditional Roadside Assistance. Our AutoValet Personal Assistant will provide you with additional services which include:Hotel Reservations. A qualified AutoValet Assistant will attempt to secure lodging at a hotel that best fits your needs when you are away from home and vehicle is disabled.Airline Information. If your vehicle is disabled, the Bentley AutoValet Assistant can put you in touch with travel agencies and Internet service providers who can assist you in obtaining flight times, availability, airfares and reservations.Message Relay. In case of an emergency, Bentleys AutoValet Assistant will contact up to three individuals and attempt to relay vital information. If they are unable to reach the requested party, the message will be documented and reasonable attempts will be made to contact the message recipient.Bentley Houston713-850-1530

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