Bentley Houston, sell us your car

We will buy your car even if you don't buy one of ours.

How it works

Selling your car to us is easy. Give us a call . Speak to one of our Sales Associates and arrange a time. Bring us your car, and we will carefully assess your car's condition. The appraisal process takes about 30 minutes, and afterwards we will make you an offer.

What to bring with you

If you plan to sell your car to us, there are several documents and other items you should bring with you. Here is a list of what we need you to bring with you:

1. Title

Please bring your title with you when you sell your car to us. The title must be provided at the time of sale. If your vehicle is titled in a state where the owner holds title AND a previous loan on the vehicle has been paid off but is still recorded on the title, you will need both the title and lien release from the bank before we can purchase your car.

2. Photo ID

All titleholders should bring valid state-issued photo IDs to prove identity.

3. Owner's manual

Make life a little easier on the next car owner by leaving your owners manual in the glove box before selling your car.

4. Keys and Remote

Keys can be expensive to replace. If you do not have the original keys and remote, we may adjust the offer.

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